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The Union Enterprise Article- July 

Effecting Our Community Article-

Soup Supper Schedule

2018-2019 Soup supper Schedule

Soup Suppers are fundraising events to help support our food pantry.  Soup Suppers hosted by local churches and are by donation.

Christian Neighbors Newsletter (available 3 times a year)

2018-July Newsletter

2018-February Newsletter

2017-November Newsletter

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In the Neighborhood (Monthly Newsletters For Those We Serve)

2018 August- In the Neighborhood

2018 July – In the Neighborhood

2018 June –  In the Neighborhood

2018 May – In the Neighborhood

2018 April – In the Neighborhood

2018 March – In the Neighborhood

2018 February – In the Neighborhood

2018 January – In the Neighborhood


Impact Reports 

2018 6 Month Impact Report

2018 Second Quarter Impact Report

2018 First Quarter Impact Report

2017 Year End Community Impact Report


2018 Church Donation Calendar

2018 4th Quarter Church Donation Calendar

2018 3rd Quarter Church Donation Calendar

2018 2nd Quarter Church Donation calendar

2018 1st Quarter Church Donation Calendar


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